Your bed is an essential part of your everyday life and if you want to guarantee perfect dreams every night, you'll want your bed to be in great condition. All of our technicians can fix any type of bed from wooden frames to metal frames as well as Sofa beds and tv beds.

We understand how important your Bed is to you and because of this all of our Furniture Technicians will carry out repairs to restore your bed back to a showroom standard.

All of our technicians are trained to carry out all types of repairs on beds. The repairs include replacing tuffs, re-dowling broken framework, re-sewing broken stitching and changing any mechanical parts. We are also trained to explain to customers the tolerance of a mattress' durability.

Our Technicians are also all trained to replace and repair electric parts in tv beds that are damaged or not working correctly. If the mechanism has broken stopping your tv from raising or lowering our technicians can inspect and repair or replace these quickly with ease.

What we fix

  • Wooden, leather or vinyl frames
  • Upholstered beds
  • Motion furniture repairs
  • Remanufacturing