If you bought a high quality piece of furniture the frame will far outlive the cover. You bought this piece of furniture knowing it's what you wanted and you know it fits perfectly with the style of your house. So why buy new when you can reupholster it?

The cost of a recover is significantly cheaper than replacing your current piece of furniture which you already know fits in your home and is comfortable. We offer a wide variety of styles and high quality materials for you to choose the perfect material for you.

We will send out a team to collect your furniture from you and return it to our workshop where our team of expert upholsterers will re-cover your furniture for you and then we will deliver it back to you at a time that's convenient


We specialise in leather recovers nationwide and offer a service that will make your suite look fresh and brand new for s much smaller cost.

We can re-cover your sofa to look exactly the same as before or we can make style changes to suit your needs. The sofa will feel exactly the same as you've grown used to only with a new look that's exactly as you've asked. Your sofa will be restored to showroom standards and have that 'as new' feel to it. We can replace all of the leather or replace just the worn/damaged sections. We can match the texture and colour of your sofa so you can't tell the difference all for less than the price of a new sofa


The most important part of having your furniture reupholstered is deciding on your preferred fabric of choice. You want to choose something that will sit perfectly in your home and fit in with your new style. Homeserve can offer this service to you and offer a large variety of options.

Creating your ideal sofa or chair is easy and straight forward with RESTOLD use the service we offer to create your favourite version of a new sofa or chair, or refurbish an existing piece of your furniture to bring it back to showroom standard.